In addition to the services that are included in our basic payroll service, PCS offers many optional services that enhance your payroll solution. These services include:

Direct Deposit
You can offer your employees the convenience of direct deposit through PCS.  Each employee can have an unlimited number of direct deposit accounts at any number of banks. The employee can have flat amounts or percentages deposited into their accounts. One option even allows for the entire net check, less a specific flat amount, to be deposited (i.e., the employee always gets a $100 check, and the balance of their net pay is deposited into a checking account).  Direct deposit combined with our employee self-service internet application gives you the option of having your employees download and print their own pay stubs directly thus reducing your cost of distribution and mailing.

Third Party Checks
The PCS Third Party Check solution can generate an unlimited number of third party checks based on actual employee deductions. These checks can include child support payments, garnishment checks, 401k checks, United Way contributions, or any other deduction-based amounts.   Our system automatically generates these “third party agency” checks at your desired frequency, and can optionally be direct deposited into the agency's account.  The ability to create these checks eliminates the need to process these payments through your accounts payable system or other manual methods.  We can create these checks on your payroll bank account or any other account you provide, and you will receive a full check register detailing the payments to assist you with reconciliation.

Time Off Accrual Tracking
Payroll Control Systems can assist you in the tracking of benefit time for your employees.  Simply provide PCS with your “Time Off” policies and we can setup a payroll system to calculate and track time available whether it is vacation, sick, personal or PTO.  Each of these plans can accrue according to a company defined length-of-service table. Company defined rates can be overridden at the employee level as necessary.  Employee balances can even be printed on their check stub so they are always up to date on their available balances.

PCS Bank Checks
If the time consuming process of reconciling your payroll bank account is keeping you from getting your job done.  Or if the increasing risk of check fraud is a concern to you.  Then our PCS Bank Check service might be just be the solution for you.  With this service, you will receive a single debit to your bank account and we will write your employee’s payroll checks on our trust account.  Thus the need for time consuming reconciliation on your part is totally eliminated and you receive the additional protection from bank fraud.

New Hire and Social Security Number Reporting
Federal and State legislation mandates employers to report specific information regarding new employees. This data is used to help States enforce child support judgments as wells as prevent fraudulent workers' compensation and unemployment claims. Payroll Control Systems can report your new hires to the State in addition to reporting new hires to the Social Security Administration to search for invalid social security numbers or mismatched names and numbers.  When you submit a new hire, we automatically collect the required data and submit, electronically, on your behalf to the two agencies.  If the SSA finds an invalid number or mismatch, we contact you so that you can research the issue with the employee. With our service, you never have to worry about being in compliance with either agency thus avoiding costly penalties.

Employee Self-Service

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