For years, PCS has been integrating our solutions into our Client’s current accounting systems and vendors such as their CPA, 401K administrator, Flex Plan administrator, and more. We have hundreds of interfaces already built and will work with you to create as many efficiencies as are possible throughout your timekeeping, payroll and HRIS processes.

We also have a wide range of existing integrated solutions that allow us to customize packages for you utilizing a “best in market” approach to vendor selection and seamless integration. Ask your PCS representative about Integrated Solutions, we’ll consult with you to build your own custom package.

Integrated Solutions Listing:

-      Timekeeping Systems

-      Payroll Systems

-      HRIS Solutions

-      Employee Self View

-      Employee Self Service

-      Manager Self Service

-      401K

-      401K Reporting

-      Employee Benefit Plans

-      Carrier Connect

-      Flex Plan Administration

-      Pay As You Go Workers Compensation

-      Workers Compensation Reporting

-      Background Checks

-      Tax Credits

-      HR Consulting

-      Employee Assistance Programs

-      General Ledger Reports, Files and Interfaces

-      Positive Pay Files

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