At this size level an increased focus on HR systems is needed to assist the HR Department with tracking the myriad of reporting requirements at the employee level. Our comprehensive systems provide best in class performance and are integrated to eliminate the need for replication of entries to multiple sources.

HR Needs: Our systems include applicant tracking, online benefits enrollment, employee self service, manager self service, employee handbooks, alerts on the ever-changing tax and labor laws, and much more. Create efficiencies and gain peace of mind. For more information, click here.

Internet Payroll – Payentry gives you the ability to manage your payroll from any location over a secure internet connection. This 100% online solution provides a complete set of payroll management features in an easy to use package.

You can manage your employee payroll information, enter payroll, receive immediate pre-process registers, transmit your payroll, and generate management reports via any internet connection. And since you can access the internet from virtually anywhere, you can always submit your payroll to PCS anytime, anywhere.

Additionally, you can provide your employees with online access to view their own payroll information such as their deductions, W-4 status, previous check stub history and more. They can even print a statement (check stub) from anytime in the past.

Timekeeping Solutions: You may also find yourself needing a Timekeeping Solution at this size range. If so, we offer several solutions that can be customized to fit your needs. For more information, click here.

To see a demonstration of our internet product or some of the powerful management reports, click the appropriate link below.

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