At Payroll Control Systems, we take a proactive approach in helping you better manage your payroll by helping you save time, money and run your business more efficiently. Through our expanded reporting capabilities and interface services, we provide clients the data they need to make more accurate business decisions.

We have the capability to customize reports, ensuring you get the data you need in a format that works for you. We also have one of the largest lists of standard payroll management reports available in the industry. Plus, our system is capable of interfacing with time and attendance systems, general ledger systems, 401K and benefit providers and can create files that you can use in other spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

We offer many specialized reports, including:

Bank/Positive Pay Files
PCS can create a custom bank reconciliation file or positive pay file for you. If you simply would like help reconciling your account, we can create a file for you to use in excel or any other application you use to reconcile your bank account. If you are using positive pay through your bank to reduce the risk of fraud, we can write an output file for you that meets your bank's specifications. We also offer the PCS "Bank Check" which can eliminate both the risk associated with check fraud and the time consuming task of reconciling your bank account.

Custom Reporting
We believe that an important part of managing your company's payroll is the ability to provide informational reports when you need them and in the desired format. Although our library of standard reports is the most comprehensive in the industry, we know that sometimes a custom report may be required. Our state of the art software is the most powerful and flexible in the industry. This means you will have no problem getting the information you need. Through a variety of report writing tools, we can generate the report you need or assist you in doing it yourself.

General Ledger Reporting
We know the payroll process doesn't end when you hand out checks to your employees. There is always the accounting that is left to do. That's why we have created a general ledger report that shows debits and credits by cost centers. This report can be customized to fit your needs and can greatly reduce the time you spend creating journal entries from your other payroll reports. In addition, you can export directly to MS Excel, or import payroll data directly into your general ledger system. View Sample

Job Cost Reporting
PCS has the ability to do very complex job cost reporting among many levels, enabling you to truly track your labor costs by job, function or task. This allows you to properly bill, estimate, compare and analyze jobs you are bidding. We can even assist you with importing this data into a job costing application. Just provide us with the importing requirements and we will create a file that you can import.

Retirement Plan Reporting
Payroll Control Systems software is set up to handle all of your retirement plan calculations and reporting. We can handle even the most complex of 401k or 403b match calculations and can customize our payroll system to assist you in managing your plans. If you need a customized file to be generated, we can work with any third party provider to create the format that they need. We can even send the file for you. View Sample

Certified Payroll Reporting
PCS understands the complexities of the requirements of reporting payroll information to Unions. Our technology is powerful and flexible enough to handle even the most challenging Union reporting requirements. In addition, if you have a requirement to prepare a "Certified Payroll Report," we can help you with that too. View Sample

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