logo-MillennThe most powerful payroll processing solution, Millennium 3 Payroll Software is specifically engineered to be the most flexible payroll services solution available. M3 provides all of the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll software, but at a fraction of the cost. M3 is SQL based and extremely scaleable, secure, flexible and easy to use. With an easy to use interface and open system architecture, M3 gives administrators complete control over payroll and other human resource functions and endless integration possibilities with other enterprise software. 

Millennium allows you the ability to manage your payroll process with ease. An integrated report writer allows you to create detailed management reports and files. Included in the software is a basic level Human Resource module that will allow you to track employee dependents, previous work and education experience, employee insurance plans and much more.

Millennium can also interface directly with most time and attendance systems as well as many human resource and general ledger accounting systems. Finally, M3's reporting capabilities offer you a multitude of standard reports and virtually unlimited report writing capabilities. If you want it all, Millennium 3 software is for you.

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