logo-payentryIf the ability to manage your payroll from multiple locations or over a secure internet connection is important, then our internet entry solution may be just right for you. Our 100% online solution provides a complete set of payroll management features in an easy to use package.

You can manage your employee payroll information, and generate management reports all through your internet connection. And since you can access the internet from virtually anywhere, you can always submit your payroll to PCS anytime.

The system is extremely easy to navigate and was designed for basic payroll management. You can generate reports, enter payroll, reprint check stubs and much more. It also has a comprehensive check calculator that allows you to calculate manual checks whenever required.

Additionally, you can provide your employees with online access to view their own payroll information such as their deductions, W-4 status, previous check stub history and more. They can even print a statement (check stub) from anytime in the past.

To see a demonstration of our internet product or some of the powerful management reports, click the appropriate link below.

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