Pay As You Go Workers CompensationOur exclusive Pay-As-You Go Workers Compensation solution was designed especially for businesses seeking increased cash flow and greater peace of mind. Pay-As-You-Go Workers Compensation allows businesses access to affordable workers compensation insurance designed to work with your business and your payroll cycle. There’s no premium deposits required to start a Pay As You Go, payroll deducted, workers compensation policy when you use our payroll outsourcing service. We collect your workers compensation premium based on “real-time” payroll data, which helps make your workers compensation insurance virtually audit proof. Additionally, we will process and help manage your audit each year with any of our Pay-As-You-Go insurance solutions.

Program Features:

  • Easy Payroll Workers Compensation Deduction Setup
  • No Start-up Cost
  • Insurance and Payroll Quote in Three Business Days
  • Competitive Rates from National Insurance Companies
  • Automatic Renewal Process to Maintain Coverage
  • Simple Premium Collection via our Payroll Preparation Processing
  • Keep your own agent or use one of ours

Why You Should Pay Workers Compensation Premiums As-You-Go:

  1. Zero Down! No more down payments to bind Workers Compensation coverage.
  2. Cash Flow! In these uncertain times, projecting your payroll and having the funds to make the estimated payments in advance can be challenging.
  3. Pay what you owe! No more and no less.
  4. No More Surprises! You will avoid time-consuming and expensive audits because your payroll service provides all the required records on an ongoing basis.
  5. Convenience! Bundling Workers Compensation insurance with a payroll service is convenient and efficient.

More Information:

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