HRGenieThe U.S. Department of Labor’s (DOL) Plan/Prevent/Protect regulatory agenda has been featured in the department’s Strategic Plan for Fiscal Years 2011-2016.

Plan/Prevent/Protect is based on the principle that employers and others must “find and fix” violations, assuring compliance before a DOL investigator arrives at the workplace, notes the strategic plan, which was released Sept. 30, 2010.

“Employers and others in the department’s regulated communities must understand that the burden is on them to obey the law, not on DOL to catch them violating the law.

This principle is at the heart of this new DOL worker protection strategy. DOL is going to replace ‘catch me if you can’ with Plan/Prevent/Protect.”
  • Plan: Employers will have to establish a written plan to identify and remedy violations to workplace compliance laws as well as other risks to workers.
  • Prevent: Both employers and employees are to participate in the implementation of the company’s compliance plan. Employers also would be responsible for monitoring compliance performance that actually prevents violations of workplace laws and related risks and hazards.
  • Protect: Employers will have to ensure that the objectives of their compliance action plan protect workers and their workplace rights.
In order to effectively engage in the steps of Plan / Prevent / Protect, employers must also include another crucial component in the process – conducting annual HR compliance audits. Audits help businesses more easily recognize where they currently stand and what areas of risk need to be resolved. Whether involving employee handbook policies, timekeeping and record keeping systems, or employee life-cycle processes (e.g. hiring, performance management, and termination), demonstrating compliance with relevant employment and workplace-related laws is business-critical, will save lots of headaches, and can impact the company’s bottom line.

Violators can face extraordinary and costly ramifications when faced with a state or federal regulatory agency audit. For example, depending on the nature of the violations, Form I-9 fines can range from $110 - $1,100 for improperly filed forms, and up to $16,000 for improper forms deemed as evidence of hiring an unauthorized worker.

Introducing - PCS HRCoach - Two Packages to Choose From!

We have worked closely with Mary Ellen Leary from The MEL Group to develop these service offerings which are designed to assist you in gaining and maintaining compliance with all regulatory agencies along with helping you shape your human resources policies and corporate culture.  Everything from your employee handbook, employment posters, forms, letters and a complete HR audit with follow up briefings and webinars may be included depending on the package you choose.

HRBasic Services

Our Basic Services offering includes our most popular components and features:

Employee Handbook
The MEL Group has developed a template for a basic employee handbook, which we adapt to fit each individual client’s unique needs.  Using the template as a foundation, we complete the following steps:
  1. Conduct an in-person meeting or phone conference to complete a checklist of key information needed for drafting the handbook.  
  2. Draft and submit to the client the handbook, italicizing any items for review for ease of reference.
  3. Conduct a phone conference to discuss the draft, agree on changes/deletions/additions.
  4. Produce a final draft of the handbook in electronic format.
We also conduct an annual review of the handbook and recommend updates/revisions.

The MEL Group’s library of sample policies, tools and templates is available to clients to assist them in efficiently implementing HR policies and practices.  We have a wide range of sample forms, checklists and policies to support day-to-day HR activities.

Federal and State Poster Compliance Service
We help our clients keep track of changes to federal and state-mandated posters to ensure they are in compliance.  We notify clients of any changes, and provide links to updated posters.

Quarterly Training and Compliance Webinars
The MEL Group hosts four webinars each year on topics related to regulatory compliance and HR best practices.  Our webinars are one hour in duration, and include presentation of content, polling of participants and Q&A.  We archive the webinars so that if clients are unable to join the session, they can listen to a recording of the webinar at their convenience.

HRCoach Services

Includes all of our Basic Services offering and adds the following:

Employers HR Helpline
The MEL Group’s telephone-based advisory, information and referral service for managers and Human Resource professionals provides prompt answers to questions ranging from regulatory compliance to handling employee issues.  The HelpLine is staffed by certified HR professionals, and is available during business hours – 9:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. CST.

Complete Libretto HR Audit
We offer a basic HR compliance and practice audit supported by Libretto - an online assessment tool that identifies areas of risk for the organization in over 100 critical HR topic areas.  Our consultant meets with the client to complete the online assessment and assists in clarifying the high-priority action items needed to fill any compliance gaps that were identified.

Semi-Annual Briefings
Our two-hour briefings are tailored to each client’s specific needs.  For example, the client may be interested in tightening up their performance documentation practices, or in how to effectively use social media to recruit and retain talent. The MEL Group will meet with the client to discuss topic areas that are relevant to their organization, and then design and deliver the briefings either on-site, or via video conference or webinar.

All of these services are delivered locally by proven HR experts that are part of The Mel Group team of HR Professionals and are billed through PCS as a Partner Service Offering.

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