“As a result of what’s happened in the financial industry, we now perform formal risk assessments in all areas of the bank. Among other things, this has caused us to toughen our vendor requirements. The fact that Payroll Control Systems has an SAS 70 Type II audit certification gives us confidence in their ability to perform.”

-      Kerry Ness, CFO/Director, The Business Bank

“My Payroll Control Systems colleague is always responsive. We’re like co-workers working in different companies. We work hand-in-hand, making the payroll process smoother. I’ve worked with payroll for 20 years and PCS is the best!”

 -      Jennifer McKnight, Payroll Manager, Scherer Brothers Lumber

“Payroll Control Systems is my payroll advocate. They make sure my deposits are made and my payroll taxes are paid – not escrowed. I trust them to make sure that I’m following the laws and they protect my company from fraud.”

-      Virginia Peterson, Controller-Partner, MSP Travel Group, Inc

“Payroll Control Systems has a strong customer service approach. They’re responsive and I don’t have to chase them down. They trained us twice because we felt we needed it and they were able and willing to do it. They also helped us set up systems to meet our regulations and reporting obligations. They help us use our software to stay compliant.”

-      Barbara Daiker, Executive Director , NW Eye

“Everything Payroll Control Systems does is right, so I never have to worry about my payroll or potential audits. I work with one person all the time and they take care of the details from minimum wage increases to helping us train new employees. I value working with a local company.” 

 -      Shelly Klein, CFO, Premier Restaurants

“We needed to make a change in our payroll service, so we went in search of better customer service. We chose Payroll Control Systems because they provide very good service, they’re affordable and they saved us every dollar they said they would!”

-      Jacquie LaMonica, CFO and Dir. of Planned Giving, Hill-Murray


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